Ultra UniLaq® CAB Acrylic Clear Lacquer - Satin 1M.974

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Product Description


  • Available Colors: Clear
  • Sheen (or Gloss): Satin
  • Cleanup: Solvent
  • Resin Type: Cellulose Acrylic Butyrate (CAB)
  • Recommended Use: Interior
  • MPI Rating:
  • VOC Level: 668.3


Ultra UniLaq® products are unlike traditional nitrocellulose lacquers in performance. They offer resistance to moisture and exceptional solids content in a ready-to-spray viscosity. These fast-drying acetate butyrate lacquers provide a durable finish that resists cold checking and remains crystal clear over time. These products are ideal over pickled white stains, natural finishes, or white systems.

  • Formulated for clarity, flexibility, adhesion, and build
  • High-solids for superior depth of finish
  • Ready-to-spray
  • Resists moisture
  • Self-sealing

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